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Because we are a Fair Trade USA certified factory, brands that produce with us have the option to pay the FTUSA premium to label and market their products FTUSA certified using the FTUSA logo. This premium goes directly to the factory workers who democratically choose how to use these funds to supplement their livelihood needs or of their community.  Join Patagonia, Athleta, and a lot more brands in making the Fair Trade difference. 


Learn about how FTUSA premiums have benefited our workers and how they chose to donate a portion of their payout to the children of need in their community. 
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Our Wildlife Friendly Certification status ensures that our products protect wildlife in wild places. Brands that produce with us can join the Wildlife Friendly network (which includes Stella McCartney) and assure their customers with the use of the Wildlife Friendly logo that these products are kind to wildlife everywhere. 

We invite you to envision a world where wildlife and communities not only coexist but thrive, where every beautifully crafted product bridges the domestic and the wild empowers consumers to be catalysts for change. This is the world of Certified Wildlife Friendly. 
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