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Wildlife Works protects over 500,000 acres of dryland forest, over 11,000 wild elephants (and other endangered African wildlife) that live in our ecosystem, and provide social programs that impact over 116,000 local people. All this is possible with the jobs we sustain through the sale of our products.  

The Wildlife Works factory supplies the local community of the Kasigau Corridor region in Southeast Kenya with long-term jobs that replace unsustainable sources of income such as poaching, subsistence agriculture and illegal tree harvesting.


In an area where wildlife and human survival are at odds, we have created a market-driven solution to wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Works Factory employs over 70 locally hired workers. Wildlife Works Carbon employs an additional 250+ locally hired team members as rangers, community outreach officers, green house farmers, shop technicians, builders and more. We also employ local women's groups to produce crafts. Wildlife Works is the third largest employer in our county.  

*info graphics stats from 2015 year end

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