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This introduction serves merely as entry point information. We are small but mighty, nimble and adaptable and can design custom production needs that fit into our capacity and the logistics framework of producing in Kenya. 

Sustainable Sourcing


Many of our clients provide their own fabric but wherever we can, we work with the most sustainable materials we can find. Just a few examples include:

- Certified organic, fair trade, top quality cotton fabric (and blends) from India, Turkey, Mauritius

- Water-based, environmentally friendly screen-printing ink

- Natural, coconut shell buttons

- Integrating fabric scraps into finished products

- Recycled plastic poly bags

Well Known Clients Include: 

Well Known Clients Include: 

Current Factory Capabilities 

Our factory is a cut & sew and screen printing operation. We work with both knits and wovens. We do not offer first sample off technical specs. Pattern revisions or grading services are offered as a separate service.

Pattern Making and Grading Services

  • Very basic and limited pattern making off sew-by samples, not off specs

  • Basic pattern revisions and grading services

  • U.S.-based, full-service pattern making and grading can be available

  • All provided at additional costs


Fabric Sourcing

  • The only fabric we have in stock is 100% organic cotton jersey in black and white under 200kgs. Orders that require more than 200kgs in any color must be special ordered and will add about one month to the lead time. Custom colors require 1500 unit minimum order.

  • We can refer other approved fabric producers if there is interest in sourcing African-made knit and woven fabrics. We have a few vendors from other parts of the world with which we source organic and fair trade knit jersey and other sustainable textiles.

  • If customers supply their own fabric, they are responsible for all logistics involved with getting it shipped to our factory.


  • Customers must supply all their own trims or provide nominated vendors including: care and main labels (or digital file for screen printed care labels), buttons, zippers, snaps, etc.

Cutting Services

  • Markers are implemented by hand, using clients’ specific instructions.

  • We are capable of following plotted out markers supplied by clients.



Sewing Services

  • Client must supply a perfect sew-by sample with measurement specs.

  • If there are multiple sizes, a graded nest set must be supplied with measurement specs for each size.

  • 2nd  samples will be made for customer approval before production starts.

  • Currently, we can produce the equivalent of 300 T-shirts per day, and about 4,000 T-shirts per month.


Quality Control  

  • Each piece is carefully inspected to meet quality assurance levels set by our factory and specifications required by the client.


 Packing and Shipping

  • Items are bagged with compostable bags or recycled plastic bags.

  • Allow at least 14 days for air shipping.

  • Sea shipping must be arranged by the client.


Current Machine List


  • Two 6-arm hand screen printing Ranar-brand carousel with a max print dimension 17” x 14”.

  • 6 spot color max

  • We use the best quality, environmentally friendly, water-based ink so there are limitations on printing light colors on dark-colored fabric.

  • Customer must supply detailed specs for art work, color references, swatches or pantone numbers and details for exact placement on garments.

Lead Times

  • For orders under 500 with 2 styles or less, the turn around time after fabric is received and tech pack with sew-by sample is received is 4-5 weeks to ship date. Orders of 500+ units with multiple styles must be scheduled. Production schedule can't be confirmed  until all materials are in and first sample is approved.

  • Allow two weeks for making each set of  samples

  • Production capacity: on average: 1500 tees per week or 150 - 500 woven styles per week

  • Allow 2 - 3 weeks for air shipping and customs clearing



  • Costs depends on many variables including cost of fabric and complication of garment. We are competitively priced for fair wage production. Below is the starting production cost for a basic organic, light fabric cotton tee. Add $0.30 for printing on dark color fabric. 

  • Other costs may include but are not limited to screen printing flat fees, sample making, pattern making and revisions, grading, sample shipping

  • Prices are EX Works

  • Air freight shipping and customs clearing adds anywhere from US$0.80 to US$4 per piece depending on season and method of shipping.

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